CheriPom is a simple and minimalist pomodoro timer for iOS.

What's a pomodoro timer? If you're new to the Pomodoro Technique, it's a common time management strategy comprised of doing short periods of work, and taking small breaks between them.

So what's the timer for? To remind you to take those breaks!

In a world where we push ourselves to constantly be more productive, it's important to remember that sometimes those little breaks can make the difference between being stuck on a task and finding your "eureka" moment.


  • Configurable Timers

    Configurable work, break, and long break lengths, as well as a customizable number of pomodoro cycles.

  • Actionable Notifications

    For when you need to pause or snooze to sneak in a few more productivity minutes. (Just don’t make a habit of it!)

  • Watch App

    watchOS app for control right on your wrist. Also works as a standalone watch app with no iOS companion.

  • No Ads

    No ads or in-app payments, and absolutely no tracking. Just a simple, clean, and easy to use app.

  • iOS 14 Widget

    A new iOS 14 Home Screen Widget, available in two sizes.

More Info

But why is it called CheriPom?

You probably figured that “Pom” is short for Pomodoro, but the word “pomodoro” is just Italian for tomato. The Pomodoro Technique itself is named after the popular tomato-shaped kitchen timers that you must have seen somewhere before.

But you probably knew that already, or you wouldn’t be here.

During development, CheriPom's widget was starting to look so cute and small, kind of like a cherry tomato! And just like that, CheriPom seemed like the perfect name for it!


If you experience any issues or bugs with CheriPom, or if you have a feature request, feel free to open a new issue on GitHub.

CheriPom is unfortunately closed source at the moment, with no immediate plans to open it. While I realize that this makes GitHub an awkward place to host its issue tracker, it made the most pragmatic sense for the time being.


CheriPom is available to download for iOS and iPadOS on the App Store.